Energy solutions by Westermo


Energy is a fundamental requirement for today’s society. We need Electricity to power our cities and factories. Failure of power supply for even a short period causes chaos and results in significant economic problems.

From generating the electricity from both fossil and renewable sources to distribution to metering of the power data communications is vital. By definition high voltages in cables create electrometric fields that are disruptive to data communications so any networking solution must be designed to operate in these harsh conditions.

Data Communications allow us the control we need to guarantee enough power is generated to meet demand however by creating massive networks we create a risk which must be addressed with adequate cyber security.

Industrial data communication products for energy applications

Westermo design and manufacture robust data communication devices for harsh environments. We supply products that provide the communication infrastructure, derived from proven commercial technology, for control and monitoring systems that are used in mission critical solutions where commercial grade products are not sufficiently resilient.


A rugged industrial switch, router and firewall in one box

The RedFox range of industrial layer 3 switches provides enhanced routing functionality, all in a robust, single unit design. The RedFox offers static routing, VLAN, IPSec VPN support, DMZ and a powerful firewall in order to segregate networks and protect mission-critical data. With support for Network Address Translation (NAT) and port-forwarding, the RedFox ensures your network is protected from the threats posed by the Internet.


Rugged switches and device servers for industrial Ethernet

The Lynx range of managed Ethernet switches are designed for simple use in heavy industrial environments, with an integral DIN-rail clip. Powered by WeOS, the Lynx range provides redundancy, serial RS-232 / RS-485 and fibre support, VLAN and IGMP functions. The layer 3 variants also provide a stateful inspection firewall, static and dynamic IP routing and IPsec VPN support for more advanced networks. The whole Lynx range has DNV approval for marine use and meets railway trackside standards.


Extend your network far beyond the normal limits of Ethernet

The Wolverine series of industrial Ethernet extenders allow cost-effective Ethernet networks to be created over long distances, at high data rates. The SHDSL technology employed makes it possible to reuse many types of pre-existing cabling which in turn can lead to considerable financial savings. With support for transparent point to point connections, multidrop networks, redundant rings, legacy serial connections and layer 3 routing functions, the Wolverine can meet any demand your application requires.


Industrial data modems for the harshest environments

Whether you need to communicate through a PSTN or IDSN line, across a private wire or leased line, down a fibre optic cable, or even over GSM/GPRS, Westermo have a solution. Our wide range of industrial modems is designed for use in such demanding applications as railways, water treatment, substation automation, roads and tunnels. All Westermo modems exceed industrial standards and ensure rugged, reliable communications.