When you think “modernization,” you probably visualize a rip-and-replace. Extended downtime. Profit losses. The negatives you prefer never to ponder.
There’s a better way, though: With a phased modernization of your Allen-Bradley® legacy equipment, you’ll update your systems on your timeline and your budget, minimizing drastic effects on your operation.

By handling it this way, you can include costs as part of your operating, rather than capital, expenditures. Have money you need to use before you lose it at the end of the year? Take another step on your modernization path. Before long, you’ll have a completely updated facility – without the losses and downtime.

Modernizing Legacy Remote I/O™ and DH+™ Equipment

Your legacy Allen-Bradley equipment needs to be updated. But how do you keep the custom programming? Or keep everything running while trying out the new system? You probably thought you couldn’t do either of those. We’ve got great news, courtesy of the Modernization Gateway.

Find out how you can modernize your Variable Frequency Drives,
PanelView™ terminals, FLEX™ I/O Adapters, PLC-5®, and SLC™!


Modernizing DF1 Equipment

Rockwell Automation has discontinued the 1761-NET-ENI. With solutions replacing that module and enabling phased modernizations of your legacy DF1 equipment, you’ll be able to make the move to EtherNet/IP™ without skipping a beat.

Learn how you can update DF1 equipment in phases!


Need Real-World Examples?

Tillamook cheese - Made the rigth way


140 Hours and R1 449 million Saved:
American Castings updated its system to ControlLogix®. They benefited in big ways by being able to keep their original equipment running while testing the new system.

Find out how! Read the Story here!

Tillamook cheese - Made the rigth way


Tillamook Cheese:
Tillamook’s facility had Texas Instruments™ I/O and a Siemens® PLC – then they updated to a ControlLogix® via the AN-X2 gateway, saving the facility from a lengthy shutdown. Watch the video to learn more!

Watch the video -


Which products do we recommend?

The Modernization Gateway enables phased updates to EtherNet/IP-based equipment.

» Get more information about the modernization gateway here!

Modernize your DF1 equipment to EtherNet/IP with the Routing and Messaging Modules

» Get more information about the DF1 Routing module here!
» Get more information about the DF1 Messaging module here!

Legacy Connectivity Solutions

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