Westermo fibre solutions

Industrial fibre connectivity made easy

There is a clear trend that the number of fibre nodes increases in the global market. Characteristics such as immunity to electromagnetic radiation and the ability to connect devices over large geographic areas, high data transfer rates and fast reconfiguration times in ring network makes fibre solutions particularly attractive in the industrial market.

Westermo has developed a fibre concept based on the specific requirements of the industrial market. This means that the equipment is designed for harsh industrial environments and with the ability to create easy maintained and flexible network solutions tailored to the circumstances of industrial applications.

Our range of fibre products include unmanaged and managed switches, switches with routing capability, device servers, media converters and fibre optic modems. For added flexibility, we offer a wide range fibre optic transceivers that are compatible with all Westermo products with SFP interface.

Fibre optic solutions

A fibre solution is usually applied in situations where normal copper cable is inadequate. It may be that the network needs to be extended beyond the limit of normal copper cable, or the network to be lead into heavy industrial environments not suitable for standard Ethernet or coaxial cable.

Westermo fibre optic solutions

Network topologies

Our extensive fibre range allows you to build any type of network topology. Ring Networks with standard STP / RSTP, or our own super-fast FRNT redundancy protocol, star networks, multidrop networks or point-to-point connections. Our fiber switches are fully managed with routing functionality that allows simple solutions to complex networking needs.

Westermo fibre optic solutions

Serial networks

For serial networks, our ODW-series provides a easy to install, robust and reliable solution over fiber optic cable. The ODW-series supports the most common serial protocols, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and Profibus. Models are available for ring and multidrop network and point-to-point networks. In ring networks, we can offer less than 1 ms reconfiguration times in networks with up to 200 devices.

Westermo fibre optic solutions

Connect serial and IP-based networks

Our fibre product range is fully compatible and makes it possible to combine serial and Ethernet networks. For applications requiring high availability and resilience, individual ring networks can be combined which allow hundreds of devices to be connected in a ring with re-configuration-times less than 1 ms.

Mix and match any fibre types

Westermo offer solutions to convert different types of fibre while maintaining system availability and reliability. Our Ethernet switches, routers and fibre modems support a variety of SFP transceivers which makes it possible to mix and match any fibre types, distances and transmission speeds. In upgrade and refurbishment project, this means that network devices can be replaced simple and problem free. Make great cost saving by using existing fibre cables, our products support most fibre types. The flexibility in our fibre concept allow even ring networks to use combinations of different distance fibre pair, multi mode, single mode and BiDi fibre. Even copper cable can be a part of the same ring network

Westermo fibre optic transceivers