From Automated Manufacturing to Transportation, Atop is a leading designer and manufacturer of tomorrow's Industrial automation solutions for today's Industries

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atop - Automated Manufacturing to Transportation

Founded over 25 years ago in Taiwan, Atop has grown to become a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial networking and pick-to-light systems. Experienced in both custom-made and off-the-shelf solutions, Atop has developed a reputation as the go-to choice among many industries for its ability to innovate.

Industrial PoE DIN Swithces managed and unmanaged

Industrial Networking & Computing

From embedded edge computers to Ethernet switches, our range provides the flexibility and scalability needed for automating and growing your operations.

Pick to Light System

Our range includes wireless, pick-by-graph, and zoneless systems for processing applications in numerous industries.

OEM Services & Contract Manufacturing

If you're looking to develop your concept further or to have it put into production, then we can help.

Industrial Automation

Solutions for helping manufacturers to connect, monitor and control operations.

Industrial Networking & ITS

Solutions for building and connecting networks for Surveillance & ITS

Industrial Ethernet Switches

With rugged reliability and advanced performance, our Industrial PoE based Ethernet solutions are ideal for today’s demanding applications. They’re fit to withstand harsh industrial environments, such as extreme temperatures, large power surges, and impacts. Designed for a range of process considerations, such as PoE and Profinet, they can provide total solutions for your application.

Industrial Computing

Our SDK-ready Industrial Computers have extensive expansion capabilities to accommodate I/O and interface cards, graphics cards, additional memory and increased storage capacity. With our easy-to-use development kits, they can be easily configured for your specific application requirements for faster developments.

Industrial PoE DIN Swithces managed and unmanaged

EHG6408/EHG6410 Series
Industrial Unmanaged 24V PoE Gigabit Switch with voltage booster (12~57V)

Industrial PoE DIN Swithces managed and unmanaged

EH7520 Series
Industrial PoE Managed Switches

Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus Gateways

Installing a sophisticated network does not mean you have to install new hardware to make use of it. Our line of protocol gateways offers the interoperability necessary between Industry protocols and equipment vendors to allow for automation and control of various devices and data types, including Profibus, Modbus, and DNP3.

Media Converters

Atop's line of media converters bridge connectivity between different types of media, connectors and speeds. Providing fast performance in even harsh environments, our media converters include copper, fiber, Fast Ethernet and gigabit options. They allow you to build and extend a sophisticated network without having to sink costs on device upgrades and replacements.


Our comprehensive range of networking devices allow you to build a network for tomorrow's challenges with ease.


Atop's customization experience in numerous industry sectors helps us to understand your application's challenges.

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