Westermo legacy connectivity solutions

Robust secure legacy connectivity

The use of serial protocols is being rapidly replaced by more modern IP based solutions even in industrial applications. Benefits of IP based networks have become clearer; interoperability between devices, the possibility of using a common cable structures and simplified management and control through modern computer software are indisputable argument in comparison to legacy systems.

There are however a vast amount of legacy systems still in use, which are fully functioning and gets the job done. In some industries, the expected service life of assets can be as high as 40 years. With long investment cycles you might be exposed to risk obsolescence and associated cost of maintaining obsolete technology, or at worst, stopped production as a result.

The Robust Secure Legacy Connectivity concept makes it easy to preserve the value of your investments for many years to come. Our solution let you migrate smoothly from the use of legacy serial protocols to a future proof IP-based system without disrupting a working system.

Legacy connectivity solutions

Westermo provides a variety of legacy connectivity solutions. Many of our products have serial ports and built-in serial to IP conversion. We also offer a variety of serial converters, and serial to IP devices. For modem dial-up applications, we offer a flexible solution where the modem properties are simulated over a LAN or WAN.

Westermo legacy connectivity solutions

Increase network efficiency

A solution based on our Lynx Device Server Switch allows your old serial network to become much more than a single-purpose network. The two integrated serial ports may be configured to either RS-232 or RS-422/485 using the same or different transmission rates. As an IP-based network allows high transfer rates, you can also install a CCTV system, or other bandwidth-intensive devices on the same network.

Westermo legacy connectivity solutions

Reuse old or pre-existing cables

Our Wolverine series of Ethernet Extenders allow you to reuse pre-existing cables and achieve a high speed connection up to 15.3 Mbit/s. The SHDSL technology used allows communications over any type twister pair copper cables with advantages such as rapid re-configuration times in ring networks and high data rates. The Wolverine DDW-226 is equipped with a serial interface and support direct RS-232 or RS-422 serial to IP conversion.

Westermo legacy connectivity solutions

Simple and effective IP migration

By migrating from a serial solution to an IP-based solution you can connect separate networks for easier management. It gives you a more efficient system that is easier to manage, is future proof and scalable and can handle multiple applications in a shared network.

Westermo legacy connectivity solutions

Modbus Gateway

Modbus is a communication protocol developed by Modicon systems and is used in countless systems around the world. The early serial protocols ModbusRTU and ModbusASCII are now being replaced by ModbusTCP the IP ready version of the protocol. To assist with the migration of systems WeOS features and integral Modbus gateway that allows conversion between these protocols.

Modem replacement - Made Easy

Remote access systems have previously consisted of a modem dial-up system using the PSTN network, ISDN or leased lines to establish a connection. Although the technology is outdated, there are still many dial-up system still in use. Telephone operators on the other hand have started to phase out these obsolete technologies, so it is important for those who use them to start looking for new solutions.

Westermo legacy connectivity solutions

Westermo provides a simple solution for migrating to a modern IP-based solution that does not affect your original configuration.

Westermo legacy connectivity solutions

Multi-drop & Point to Point Analogue Leased Line Replacement


Recent innovation by the telecoms providers, means that the core or back haul networks are being replaced all over the world with a network of interconnected IP routers. This change in the core networks technology is having an effect on the types of services and the amount of bandwidth available. The traditional analogue leased line services do not fit well into the new infrastructure and use up a lot of resources that, from the telecoms providers’ point of view, could be better employed. Digital delivery services such as X.21 (Kilostream) and G.703 (Megastream) will ultimately follow the same route and will be discontinued.

This move from the traditional telecoms core networks technology, to a system totally based on IP, is acting as a catalyst for change across the whole of the industrial telemetry and remote control industry.

The net effect of the upgrading of the back haul networks will be a drive by the telecoms providers to move customers from traditional leased line services and multi-drop leased lines, towards alternative solutions. This white paper will attempt to explain the viable alternatives and suggest the most cost effective and flexible way forward.

IP Based Replacement Solutions - Point to multi-point replacement.

The direct wired replacement service for Leased Lines would be an ADSL or VDSL2 broadband “Wires only” connection. The reference to “Wires Only” refers to the ADSL or VDSL2 provision which does not include a router from the service provider. The routers provided are often not up to industrial application, requiring mains power or use unreliable power supplies with very poor MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) figures. They are rarely able to cope with extremes of cold and moisture or are able to dissipate enough heat in a confined space, such as an unventilated control panel or instrument rack.

On the surface it would seen that it would not be possible to replace a slow serial/analogue based system with one based on the latest IP technology. This is not the case. There are a few rules to follow but essentially serial devices can easily be migrated onto an IP based solution without the need to change software at the remote device or the central SCADA, DCS or traffic control system.

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