Road solutions by Westermo


Road transport applications

As road traffic volumes increase worldwide new technologies are being used in traffic management systems to increase both traffic flow and safety. Reliable data communications are vital to keep our ever increasingly busy world moving.

Westermo have many years’ experience in both data communication technologies and roadside applications. Our real expertise is in developing products that can function in these often harsh environments by meeting the widest temperature specifications and offering high reliability by using only high quality components.

Industrial data communication products for road transport applications

Westermo is familiar with mission critical applications in many industries and has therefore developed products and techniques that solve many of the specific needs of the road market. The patented Westermo FRNT protocol allows for the fastest ring recovery in Ethernet networks – 20 ms for a ring with 200 switches. Our Wolverine range is developed around a technology that allows the creation of Ethernet networks on old installed copper cables that can stretch for tens of kilometres along the roadside.