Onboard train networks by Westermo

Train networks

Ethernet solutions for rail vehicles

Westermo have many years' experience in both data communication technologies and railway applications both trackside and onboard the rolling stock. Our real expertise is in developing products that can function in the harshest environments and meeting the toughest approval specifications.

EN 50155 is a special onboard standard for electronic equipment that encompasses not just EMC requirements but also shock, vibration extended temperature range and humidity. The Westermo Viper and RedFox series meets this standard fully and have been designed with the highest MTBF figures to ensure long term field operation.

Compact, rugged and reliable EN 50155 approved industrial Ethernet switches

To meet the growing demand for reliable onboard railway communications networks, Westermo has introduced a new generation of industrial Ethernet switches that provide highly robust networks and long term field operation. Specifically designed for onboard applications around the “Westermo IP train concept”, the new Viper-212, Viper-112 and Viper 012 twelve-port switches, deliver a complete solution for onboard control systems, including improved levels of reliability and simplified network design, installation and maintenance.

Intelligent network solutions for on-board applications

There are a number of factors that make networks on board trains differ from conventional networks. Rail cars are designed to be combined with any number of other cars and locomotives and to be linked together regardless of the direction the car is turned.

This puts high demands on the intelligence of the network which often results in complicated and unstable solutions were maintenance requires high network awareness.

Westermo has through its many years in the data communications industry developed a unique network concept to address many of the common problems faced in train environments.

Our developers have built in the intelligence to WeOS (Westermo Operating System) so that you do not need to worry about complex network technology. To extend the network or install a replacement product is done plug-and-play and as far as configuration is needed, this is done through a simple web-based interface or a preconfigured USB-plug. You get an intelligent and fully flexible network that is easy to maintain and control, is future-proof and scalable indefinitely.

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Resilient train backbone communication

The RedFox train switch is designed to aggregate a dual backbone, regardless of the state of the train. In case of power failure in one carriage an integral dual bypass relay closes to ensure that communication is maintained along the length of the train. All of the Westermo train products feature the 150 m extended Ethernet standard on the copper connections giving extra insurance that the Ethernet signal is strong enough to bridge the failed network segments.

Onboard train networks by Westermo

Carriage scalability and flexibility

WeOS allows you to create an intelligent network where you can change the number or position of cars without affecting the network. The network topology is automatically updated enabling endless scalability and mobility in the train network.

Onboard train networks by Westermo

Control of network bandwidth

WeOS is a multilayer operating system which allows maximum throughput while maintaining absolute stability. Data traffic can be load balanced to achieve optimal resource utilization and avoid network overload. The intelligent network will automatically handle increased traffic from, for example, newly installed cameras or video streams, without risking the stability of the network.

Onboard train networks by Westermo

Simple to install and maintain

WeOS makes it easy to create, install and maintain a train network. Equipment which is connected to the network can be assigned identical IP addresses in each carriage, which simplifies the overall IP plan as well as maintenance and installation of new or replacement devices.

Onboard train networks by Westermo

Unique network solutions within trains

In all other network environments it is highly unlikely a section of network will move, however with train carriages this can happen. Undesirable phenomena may occur if a railway carriage is rotated 180 degrees from its original position. WeOS detects and compensates for such changes in the network without any manual re-configuration.